Time for a holiday and a call for help…

I have just finished editing what I am calling part 1 of my thesis.  It has taken me since January to write and it's still not quite there, but it DOES exist! I have no idea how these 26,098 words have fallen of my brain but somehow, they are now fully referenced and staring back … Continue reading Time for a holiday and a call for help…


Confidence and Comments

Someone said to me yesterday: "it's important when you are doing your PhD to not get too attached."  I asked them what they meant by this and they answered that it was fine to do "other things" away from my subject. (Publishing History) Another person said to me: "Well, I am sure you won't have … Continue reading Confidence and Comments

Thoughts About Shelving

A tweet caught my eye today concerning Nora Roberts having so many titles to choose from.  It was meant to be tongue-in-cheek about the fact that the book titles all sound the same, so authors trying to be creative in this area and failing needn't worry too much. What it got me remembering, however, was … Continue reading Thoughts About Shelving

Archiving Young Publishers

On Friday, 5 dusty boxes and a carrier bag arrived at my house, courtesy of The Society of Young Publishers.  As you can read about here, I have taken on the task of a spot of archiving for them. The SYP, if you don't know already, is a group of young publishing folk, roughly in their … Continue reading Archiving Young Publishers

800 Bookshops in London?

I have a book on my lap called "Bookshops of Greater London." It's cover is like a cracked piece of green porcelain, and at the bottom it says proudly "Includes new London dialling codes."  It's from 1990 in case you were wondering. Inside it says that "Keeping tabs on nearly 800 bookshops in Greater London … Continue reading 800 Bookshops in London?

A Memorable Set of Book Shelves

I'm supposed to be writing out an article from a newspaper into my thesis but I think I have got my blogging head back on and so here I am... again. Memories. I went to Daunt books today for work- the Marylebone one.  I love the old bookshelves in there. I wonder if they were … Continue reading A Memorable Set of Book Shelves

About that “Agreement Made By Gaslight”

I have been watching Philip Pullman berate publishers for selling his books off too cheaply.  He doesn't like it at all and it will no doubt affect his earnings.  I have read this blog piece on the NBA published last week.  I have been researching the 20th century book trade for three years solid and … Continue reading About that “Agreement Made By Gaslight”

I have so much to say…

But I don't know where to start.  I have trawled through a lot of old papers and written a lot of words on the thing I am writing about- publishing. I have drafted and re-drafted blog posts, deleted them because I don't think that they are good enough.  I have forgotten how to write casually … Continue reading I have so much to say…

Bookshop Crawl through the past

It's #IBW17.  Last year my partner and I did a whole run of shops in our local area and beyond.  Burley Fisher in Dalston, Stoke Newington Bookshop, Brick Lane Bookshop to name but a few.  We also bought many books and it was great fun. More recently I have been writing about bookselling in my … Continue reading Bookshop Crawl through the past